Where to Buy CBD in Arizona

The CBD business is booming around the country. This is especially true in states that have recently relaxed restrictions on hemp production, such as Arizona.

In 2018, Governor Doug Ducey signed Senate Bill 1098, permitting the Arizona Department of Agriculture to issue hemp licenses to farmers in the state. By the end of 2018, the Arizona Industrial Hemp Program received hundreds of applications. 

CBD became a $4 billion industry in 2019, a 562% increase compared to the previous year.

Companies are popping up to address the demand. You can also purchase CBD products at virtually any retailer in the state without a medical marijuana card. 

While CBD has become incredibly popular, you may still have a few concerns about where to buy CBD products. Let’s take a closer look at how to buy CBD in Arizona.

Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

Yes, you can legally buy CBD in Arizona. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled in 2014 that extracts, including CBD, qualify for the same regulations as medical marijuana. This ruling allowed patients to purchase CBD oil and other extracts.

In 2019, the Arizona State Supreme Court upheld the ruling from the lower court. However, hemp-derived CBD is still illegal under Federal laws, as hemp has the same biological properties as cannabis grown for medical marijuana.

The difference between state and federal laws has led to confusion about the legality of CBD products in Arizona. Originally, you could only purchase CBD products derived from hemp imported into the United States. 

CBD derived from hemp does not have the same classification as THC under Federal laws. If the hemp is imported in the country and contains less than 0.3% THC, it can be used to create CBD oils and other products in all 50 states.

In Arizona, CBD products derived from marijuana still require a doctor’s recommendation. The state has a medical marijuana program. After obtaining a written recommendation from a physician, you can shop at local dispensaries and purchase marijuana-derived CBD products.

You do not need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase hemp-derived CBD products, such as CBD hemp oil. Hemp extracts are now readily available throughout the state. Health food stores, grocery stores, and other retailers can legally sell CBD hemp oil to the public.

Where to Buy CBD Locally in Arizona

While anyone can sell CBD in Arizona, you should ensure that you are buying from a reputable source. The market is flooded with CBD products and some of them may not contain the advertised CBD concentration.

The following options include some of the most recommended vendors and shops for buying CBD locally in Arizona.

Best CBD Shops in Phoenix

AZ CBD Dispensary13636 N Tatum Blvd #21c, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Red Star Vape Smoke & CBD4022 E Greenway Rd #4, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Best CBD Shops in Scottsdale

Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale Dispensary7320 E Butherus Dr. Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
CBD Health and Wellness6969 E Shea Blvd UNIT 155, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Best CBD Shops in Tempe

Harvest HOC of Tempe Dispensary710 W Elliot Rd #102, Tempe, AZ 85284
HIGH Maintenance Smoke Shop411 S Mill Ave #101, Tempe, AZ 85281

Best CBD Shops in Mesa

BNB Smoke Shop2722 S Alma School Rd UNIT 5, Mesa, AZ 85210
Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary420 E Southern Ave #110B, Mesa, AZ 85204

Best CBD Shops in Chandler

Fresh Start Wellness & CBD505 S Chandler Village Dr #44, Chandler, AZ 85226
Desert Sage Herbs1728 N Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

Buying CBD Online in Arizona

Buying CBD locally is convenient. You can drive to the nearest location and purchase CBD oil and other products any time you want without waiting for a delivery. However, ordering CBD online also has a few advantages.

To stand out in a crowded field, online CBD vendors need to meet specific criteria. The level of competition helps ensure that you receive quality CBD products.

Purchasing CBD online also provides a wider range of options. You can compare products and a variety of CBD oil companies to find the best match. 

Your local shop may have a limited selection. Depending on your reasons for using CBD, you may need a specific concentration or type of CBD products, which you can only find online. 

When you shop online, you can browse CBD oil, isolates, capsules, edibles, tinctures, vape oil, skin products, and hair products. These products also come with varying levels of CBD, helping to ensure that you get the right dosage. 

The vast selection of CBD products can also be overwhelming. When shopping for CBD products online, do some research on the company and its products. Some of the signs of a reputable online CBD supplier include:

  • They only use the CO2 extraction method to extract CBD
  • They offer broad-spectrum CBD oil products
  • They complete third-party testing to verify the content of their products
  • They only source oil from certified industrial hemp

Some CBD suppliers cut corners to increase profits, such as using solvent extraction instead of CO2 extraction. Using a solvent to extract CBD dissolves waxes in the plant, reducing the concentration of CBD. The solvent also leaves a potentially toxic residue. CO2 extraction is the safest extraction method, resulting in high-quality CBD products.

You should also look for companies that offer broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD has been extracted from the plant with all the compounds except for THC. You receive all the terpenes, oils, and other cannabinoids found in the plant without any THC.

A reliable CBD vendor should showcase the results of independent testing. This involves sending samples of the product to a third-party lab where technicians analyze the content. The results provide greater transparency for consumers.

Another detail to look for is the source of the hemp. The best CBD products are extracted organic hemp that meets the USDA requirements under the US Domestic Hemp Production Program. These products should contain the USDA organic certification of industrial hemp production.

If you look for the features discussed, you should have no problem ordering quality CBD products online.

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