What is CBD Oil?

With the easing of restrictions on CBD, a wide variety of products are available to consumers, including many CBD oil-based products. It’s a booming market that could become a $20 billion industry by 2024.

While CBD oil is increasingly popular, a lot of people still don’t know what it is or how it works. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the more than 100 phytocannabinoids found in cannabis plants. 

As with THC, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which helps control your mood, memory, and more. Unlike THC, CBD tends to have a positive effect on those bodily functions. It may relieve anxiety and help you focus.

The endocannabinoid system relies on cannabinoid receptors for communication. THC binds to these receptors, causing them to degrade. This leads to the negative side effects associated with heavy marijuana use, such as limited cognitive function and coordination. 

Medical experts believe that CBD stimulates the production of new receptors and reduces the degradation of existing ones. CBD may help keep the endocannabinoid system balanced while warding off various mental and physical health issues.

CBD oil-based products contain varying concentrations of CBD and little to no THC. The CBD is extracted from the plants and then combined with a carrier oil. 

Some CBD oil products are made with all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including THC. These products are called “full spectrum CBD.” For those wanting pure CBD, look for CBD isolate. The CBD is isolated from the other cannabinoids, including THC.

Companies have come up with a variety of ways to sell CBD oil, including CBD tinctures and liquids. The tinctures and liquids are typically a mixture of CBD oil and vegetable oil or MCT oil. You can drop the liquid under your tongue or add it to your favorite drink.

CBD vape oils have also become top sellers. Designed for use with a vaporizer, the vape oils allow you to quickly absorb the CBD. Other popular options include CBD edibles and CBD capsules. 

How to Consume CBD Oil

If you’ve never used CBD oil before, take the time to understand the recommended dosage and steps for consuming the product. Follow these steps to ensure that you get the right serving size:

1. Choose the Right Delivery Method

There are six main ways to take CBD oil:

  • Inhale CBD vape oil
  • Drop it under your tongue
  • Ingest CBD edibles
  • Swallow a CBD capsule
  • Mix CBD oil with food or beverages
  • Apply CBD oil topically

The option you choose determines how quickly the CBD reaches your system. CBD vape oil is the fastest delivery method, making it the preferred choice for immediate relief. The other options provide a gradual effect, as the CBD needs to pass through your stomach. 

2. Determine the Concentration of CBD

Some products contain a higher concentration of CBD, which may impact the dosage. For example, a 30 ml CBD oil tincture with 1500 mg of CBD has a concentration of 50 mg per milliliter. If you purchase a 30 ml bottle with 100 mg of CBD, you’ll get a lower concentration and may need a larger dose.

3. Calculate Your Dosage of CBD Oil

Start with a small dose based on your weight and intended effects:

130 pounds or less

  • 11 mg or less – mild effects
  • 12 to 14 mg – moderate effects
  • 15 mg or more – strong effects

130 pounds to 230 pounds 

  • 18 mg or less – mild effects
  • 19 to 23 mg – moderate effects
  • 24 mg or more – strong effects

230 pounds or more

  • 23 mg or less – mild effects
  • 24 to 30 mg – moderate effects
  • 31 mg or more – strong effects

4. Gradually Increase Your Dosage

After a week of taking low doses of CBD oil, gradually increase your dosage until you reach the desired effect. Your weight, health, body chemistry, and the quality of the CBD oil product determine the effects of a specific dose. What works for one person may not work for the next. 

Does CBD Oil Smell Like Weed?

Some CBD oil products smell like weed while others produce no aroma. The smell depends on the type of CBD product. It’s possible to create CBD strains that closely mimic the aromas produced by popular marijuana strains

The aroma of the product is largely based on the terpene profile. Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons found in the cannabis plant.

Full spectrum CBD oil often has a stronger smell, as these products contain not only CBD, but a full spectrum of cannabinoids. With a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the CBD oil is more likely to have a terpene profile that resembles the plant that it came from. 

CBD isolate products are 99% or more pure CBD and only contain trace amounts of other compounds. Without the strong terpene profile found in full spectrum CBD oil, CBD isolate is virtually odorless.

The carrier oil used for the CBD product may also influence its smell. You can find a variety of fragrant CBD oil products with sweet scents or strong aromas.

If you’re worried about the smell, look for products derived from CBD isolate. You could also take CBD capsules, as the manufacturing process and encapsulation eliminates any odor.

What Is the Best CBD Oil?

With hundreds of CBD oil products, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of options. Here’s a quick round up of the top CBD oils:

CBD Living

CBD Living has a large selection of high-quality CBD oil tinctures in varying concentrations. You can get the exact dose you need, from just 10 mg per milliliter to 166 mg per milliliter. With the specially formulated nano-CBD technology, CBD Living also offers increased bioavailability and absorption for faster, longer effects.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most recognizable CBD oil brands. The company produces full spectrum CBD oil tinctures in four different flavors. Enjoy olive oil, orange blossom, lemon twist, or chocolate. This is a great option for those that want to add the liquid to a smoothie.


cbdMD offers a variety of concentrations and flavors to suit your needs, from 300 mg bottles to 7500 mg bottles. The tinctures also come in two sizes – 30 ml and 60 ml. 

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is one of the top sources for full spectrum CBD oil tinctures. The company offers affordable prices for high-potency CBD oil available in 750 mg, 3000 mg, and 6000 mg bottles.

Fresh Farms CBD

Fresh Farms CBD has an assortment of CBD oil tinctures to suit almost everyone. You can get CBD oil with no THC or moderate THC, along with turmeric and curcumin infused hemp extract tinctures.

Kush Queen CBD

With concentrations ranging from 500 mg to 5000 mg in 30 ml bottles, Kush Queen CBD has a variety of dosages. The company has high-quality, pure CBD oil extracted from hemp plants.

American Shaman

No matter your reason for taking CBD oil, American Shaman has you covered. Choose from extra-strength CBD oil products, terpene-rich hemp oil tinctures, and much more.

Joy Organics

If you want 0% THC, try Joy Organics. These CBD oil tinctures are THC-free and available in a variety of sizes. The 225 mg bottle provides just 7.5 mg per milliliter while the larger 1350 mg bottle provides 45 mg per serving.

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