Best CBD Gummies to Buy Today: Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is one of many naturally-occurring compounds of the cannabis plant. It’s recently gained popularity among the general public, as well as scientists. Namely, CBD affects our endocannabinoid systems and thus some biological functions as well. According to some experts, it has many medicinal properties, and it can help treat inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s, even skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. People often choose CBD as a safer alternative to strong, side-effect-inducing medication.

Despite the common misconception, CBD does not make the user high. The characteristic “stoner high” comes from a different cannabinoid — THC. Although some CBD products can contain traces of THC, that’s not enough to cause any psychoactive effects. You might feel mild relaxation, at most.

Once extracted from the plant, CBD typically comes in the form of CBD oil. Although many users prefer to take it raw, CBD oil can also serve as a basis for many other CBD products, such as creams, tinctures, and edibles. So, in case you don’t like the earthy taste of CBD oil, there are other ways you can avoid it.

For instance, gummies are one of the easiest ways to take CBD. Not only are they portable and easily distributable but also quite delicious. However, the best part is that you don’t have to bother with dosage, as it’s precisely predetermined with every gummy. There are many dosage options to choose from — from as little as 5mg to as much as 100mg per gummy. However, most CBD edibles you can buy today have around 5–30mg.

Best CBD Gummies: Top Picks 

cbdMD Premium Gummies

cbdMD Premium Gummies - 300mg - 30 count
  • 30 gummies, 10mg of CBD per serving, 300mg per bottle
  • Price: $0.09 per mg
  • Four fun and exotic flavors — orange, raspberry, strawberry, and tropical
  • Made using organic components and 100% vegan
  • Dusted with citric acid for a lovely sour punch

CBDLiving Assorted Gummies

  • 30 gummies, 10mg of CBD per serving
  • Price: $0.1 per mg
  • Many flavors — from the standard lemon and orange, you also get cherry, pineapple, and apple
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil ensures the benefits of the entourage effect

CBDfx Gummy Bears

  • 60 gummies, 5mg of CBD per serving
  • Price: $0.16 per mg, the most expensive of the bunch
  • Classic berry flavor
  • Full-Spectrum CBD with no GMOs or artificial sweeteners
  • Smaller, less potent gummies allow for a more precise dosage

Axton CBD Gummies

  • 60 gummies, 10mg of CBD per serving
  • Price: $0.09 per mg
  • More than five different natural flavor options 
  • Money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied
  • Delicious sugar coating that leaves you wanting more

Joy Organics CBD Gummies

  • 30 gummies, 10mg of CBD per serving
  • Price: $0.13 per mg
  • You can choose between two flavor options —  Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple
  • Lab-tested, broad-spectrum CBD 
  • Free shipping and money-back guarantee

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

  • 60 gummies, 10mg of CBD per serving
  • Price: $0.07 per mg, the most affordable of the bunch
  • Natural but funky lemon lime flavor
  • L-theanine and lemon balm for an additional calming effect
  • A company with a truly noble cause — producing high-quality medical-grade CBD products for everyone’s needs

FabCBD Chews

  • 30 gummies, 25mg of CBD per serving
  • Price: $0.08 per mg
  • They come in various flavors (strawberry, carrot, blackcurrant, etc.)
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan
  • Higher potency will suit experienced users better

JustCBD CBD Gummies

  • 50–55 gummies, CBD content depends on the type of products (10mg per Gummy Bear, 25mg per Apple Ring, 14mg per small Worm and 30mg per Big Worm, etc.)
  • Price: around $0.08 per mg
  • By far the biggest selection of gummy shapes and flavors to choose from — aside from the Classic Gummy Bears and Worms, they also have Peach and Apple Rings, Worms, Rainbow Ribbons, and many more
  • JustCBD has some of the best discounts we’ve seen on the CBD market
  • Free returns policy

How Are CBD Gummies Different from Other CBD Products? 

There are many ways in which CBD gummies are unique, compared to other CBD products (tinctures, topicals, etc.):


Because we take gummies orally, it takes a while for the body to absorb the CBD into the bloodstream. However, they should have longer-lasting effects than CBD tinctures and vape oils. Of course, that also depends on the potency of the specific product and individual factors.


As we mentioned already, CBD gummies come in various dosage options (from 5mg to 100mg per gummy), but most of them have around 10mg. What effect that dose will have on the user depends not only on the potency of the product but also on their tolerance, age, and weight. Naturally, you should pay attention to the dosage per gummy, especially if you recently switched brands. In addition, keep in mind not to take too much, no matter how tasty they may be.

Isolate vs Broad-Spectrum vs Full-Spectrum

In general, CBD oil can be isolate-based, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum. While isolate products contain only CBD, full-spectrum have plenty of other components — cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, small amounts of THC, and terpenes. Broad-spectrum is kind of the middle ground between the two, containing everything full-spectrum does, except for THC. However, it can still cause an entourage effect.

Most CBD gummies today come from CBD isolate and broad-spectrum oils, but you can find some full-spectrum options here and there. 

Many Flavor Options

Natural CBD oil flavor is definitely an acquired taste. It’s strong and earthy, and while some people enjoy it, others find it overwhelming. Fortunately, CBD gummies come in all flavors imaginable — from strawberry lemonade to pineapple and orange. You can find both herbal and fruity options on the market. 

What’s more, some brands, such as JustCBD, offer more than your standard gummy bear shapes. For instance, they have CBD-infused worms, peach rings, cherries, even rainbow ribbons!

Gluten-free and Vegan Options

Brands like FabCBD and Charlotte’s web also carry gluten-free and vegan options to meet their users’ specific dietary needs and restrictions. However, you should always read the ingredients listed on the product itself, even if the brand advertises it as gluten-free or vegan on the label. After all, you don’t want to risk having an allergic reaction.

Sugar Content

When it comes to sugar content, the CBD market offers something for everyone’s preferences. Aside from the standard gummy bears that are high in sugar, many brands also sell naturally-sweetened gummies. They’re usually flavored using fruit juice or stevia, which makes them perfect for diabetics and others who have to follow strict dietary rules. Still, do check the ingredient list before taking any supplements.


Naturally, when choosing a product, you should take its price into account as well. Although their price can vary depending on the brand you opt for, most of them will cost you around $0.8–$1 per gummy. That comes to about $0.08 per milligram. When compared to the gummies, CBD oil might seem like a more cost-effective option. However, the combination of amazing taste and a great CBD delivery system make CBD gummies worth the price.

Do CBD Gummies Get You High?

Depending on the type of gummies you buy, they might contain traces of THC. However, this dosage is nowhere near enough to have a psychoactive effect. Namely, the maximum level of THC in full-spectrum gummies is 0.3%.

Even if you have no tolerance for it, you won’t get high from this little THC. In fact, you’d have to go through dozens of packs of gummies to notice any effects. However, at that point, you’d probably get sick from all the gummies you ate. In any case, trying to get high off CBD gummies just isn’t worth it.

On the other hand, if you need to undergo routine drug tests, we suggest you stick with CBD isolate gummies. Even though CBD is perfectly legal in most areas, you could get in trouble if you test positive for THC. But if you only eat CBD isolate gummies, you have no chance of failing a drug test ever.

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Eat?

In order to determine how many CBD gummies you should eat, you need to take into account a multitude of different factors, such as your age, weight, health problems, etc. The dosage also depends on the effects you’re looking for, as well as the potency of the product. While experienced users usually go for higher doses (sometimes up to 350mg a day), we advise all newcomers to start with something light (10–30mg per day).

The table below should help you calculate your optimal dosage using your body weight and the effect strength you’re looking for. Check it out to see what dosage suits you best:

However, before taking any supplements like these, you should always check with your physician and listen to their advice first and foremost.

Weight Group/
Small DoseMedium DoseLarge Dose
Light Weight10mg15mg20mg
Medium Weight20mg25mg30mg
Heavy Weight30mg35mg40mg

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